Hi there!

Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself – I’m Asmita, and I’m a creative designer working in Pune. I’m more or less your average working woman – married my college sweetheart when I was 27, had a baby, did my bit of stay-at-home-mommying, and now at 30, I’m starting my career afresh. I started as a junior artist for a children’s magazine a month ago, and I’m loving it.

More about the work later, but first, let’s meet my little girl – say hello to Koyel! This Sunday we’re celebrating her second birthday and it’s going to be one super-duper-rolling-in-cake-swimming-in-jelly fun party and there’s gonna be lots of babies and judgmental moms and lots of food and dirty dishes and office next day and so many freaking errands I just can’t wait!

As you can see, I’m totally enjoying the challenges of juggling a new job and a toddler. I know it isn’t going to be easy. But the fact remains that I love my job and I love my daughter, and I want to give my best to both. I have an awesome supportive husband – say hi to Arun, by the way – and I think between us, we can do a pretty good job.

What else can I tell you – I’m a foodie with a weakness for chocolate, I love corny masala movies, Perry Mason novels, Calvin & Hobbes, and I have been in a long-term, committed, one-sided extra-marital affair with Ranbir Kapoor. It’s only for my dear Koyel that I haven’t already eloped. Doesn’t matter, children grow up eventually…

I’ve started this blog mainly as an excuse to spend a half-hour every now and then with myself and my thoughts. Hope we meet again soon,



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